5 Cheap Ways to Give Your House a Personal Feeling

Whether you’ve lived in your house for years and years or just moved in, it can be a challenge to create a home that feels authentically “you.” Sure, you live there, but designing a home that reflects your personal style and celebrates your favorite memories and experiences requires a little extra effort.

To make your house feel more like a home, start by introducing the tiny changes below. Small details like incorporating family photos, displaying your favorite mementos, and adding a houseplant or two may be all it takes to bring a little personality to your space.

Paint Your House

Whether your house is monochromatic or stark white, the paint color can have a dramatic effect on the feel of your home. Most users on US-Reviews swear that painting is one of the simplest ways to make your house feel more home-like. By painting a few spaces, like your bedroom or kitchen, or opting to paint a few accent walls here and there, you can really warm your house up and give it a great pop of color.

You can also utilize paint on more than just your walls. If you’re looking for canvas prints, it’s a good idea to read the best canvas prints online services reviews before ordering from any store. Older or cheaper furniture can be spruced up and looking brand-new by merely adding a fresh coat of paint to it. Paint can give any room, furniture, or even your kitchen cabinets a much-needed refresher!

Display Childhood Memories

For most of us, our childhood house or apartment stands as the epitome of what “home” really is – it’s where we first felt safe and loved. You can never fully recreate the feeling of your childhood home, but you can keep a few items that remind you of its memories close by. It might be a special piece of furniture, the music box from your old bedroom, or even a few old board games.

These things carry with them the warming energy of where they came from, and they have a unique ability to exude comfort upon sight. Pick a few things that hold that sense of childhood warmth for you, and incorporate them into your space for tried-and-true feelings of home no matter where you’re living.

Incorporate Family Photos

Leaving out family photos where they can be admired will remind your entire household of parties, vacations, and gatherings past. To create a display that matches your home decor style, try a gallery wall of enlarged black-and-white photos in sleek black frames for a modern look or polished brass frames for a glam effect. Resist the urge to display every single photo in your collection, but curate a few favorites for a more impactful arrangement.

Utilize The Power of Nature

There’s something about flowers that really brighten a room, which is why this can be a great and inexpensive way to warm up your home. You can find cheap vases at thrift or hobby stores. You should keep vases of a few sizes and shapes stored in your home or used around the house. Although certain flowers tend to be on the expensive side, you don’t have to spend a fortune on fresh flowers.

Cheaper flowers like daisies or carnations still make an impact and tulips are shockingly inexpensive flowers that look expensive. Furthermore, try looking at your local farmer’s market or Trader Joe’s to find great bouquets at great prices.

Add a Signature Scent

Whether we know it or not, most of our homes have their own particular scent. To make sure the smell of your home is pleasant and personal, pick an aroma you love. It can be your favorite peony-scented candle, soothing lavender essential oils dispersed in a diffuser, or fresh eucalyptus left out on display. Keep the scent subtle so it won’t overwhelm you.