5 Mens Outfit Ideas For A First Date

What you wear says a lot about you, so you want to make sure you are making a good impression on a first date. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! Here we have plenty of different potential date scenarios, along with the ideal outfit that would work perfectly for it. When you are wearing something you feel great in, you will be more confident, which gives the date all the more chance of being a success!

Active Date

Choosing an active first date can be a great way to share your passions with the person you are dating! If you’re going on a long walk, rock climbing or cycling for your first date, you want to wear something that is comfortable and breathable, that also looks good.

Either opt for sports shorts and a gym top on a warm day, or on a cooler day go for a mens full tracksuit. You won’t be wearing much jewellery or accessories if you’re doing something active, so you need to find ways to make your statement elsewhere. Perhaps you could wear a bright pair of trainers or a patterned t-shirt to show off your personal style.

Dinner Date

If you’re opting for a traditional dinner date, you need to dress to impress. This means no trainers anywhere to be seen! A classic dinner look is black and white checkered fitted trousers, a clean white (ironed) shirt, a black belt and smart black dress shoes. This will show some personality through the trousers but it will still look really smart.

For a date in the colder months, pair your outfit with a black overcoat to look effortlessly stylish. If you are heading somewhere slightly more casual, swap out the shirt with a black polo neck top and pair with chelsea boots rather than dress shoes. This will still show you’ve made a big effort!

Beach Date

If you live near the sea, beach dates are a great way to have fun and relax whilst getting to know each other. It is much less formal than a dinner date so would be great for people who feel nervous about stepping into a situation like that.

So, start with your swimming trunks. Go for something not too tight, that is comfortable and has a drawstring to avoid any embarrassing moments! Then, compliment the shorts with a funky t-shirt and sunglasses. You just need to keep it cool and comfortable for the beach to help you to relax.

For extra brownie points, say you’ll sort the food and drink (maybe ask if there’s anything the person doesn’t like beforehand) and pack a hamper with lots of different snacks and some nice drinks in. This will help to break the ice and as sensible as it sounds, keep you both well hydrated!

Cinema Date

Cinema’s are a classic date, and much like the beach date, it is more informal. So, you just need to wear something stylish that you feel confident in. The ideal would be black jeans, a smart coloured t-shirt and some nice trainers. It might be a good idea to also pack a jacket in case your date gets cold! You could also head for a milkshake or something after the date to get to know the person a bit better.


So, there you have it! Some inspiration for how to dress on your upcoming dates. Plan your outfit in advance to find something you feel confident in and that will help you to look and feel your best, whether that’s a dressy dinner outfit or mens streetwear for your active date. One final tip if you’re feeling nervous, be yourself on the date and if they don’t accept you, they were never the right person!