How To Check The Quality Of Clothing When Buying Online

High Street stores are dwindling and businesses are moving their efforts online. This is great to see as this gives more opportunity to new brands to show what they have to offer. Whether that be sustainability or the quality of their clothing. This does show some hard-hitting facts though such as not every brand is legit and also don’t produce the best of quality when they get delivered, this is especially the case with fast fashion brands. It’s all far too easy to be sat in your full tracksuit and click away at purchasing cheap clothing online so click away until you realise that nothing is what it looks like online. This is not the same when it comes to physical stores as you can do the checks such as the quality of the materials and stitching. In this article, we will go through some helpful ways that you can check whether the piece you purchased is built to last and is worth what you paid.

You Won’t Be Able To See Through The Material

Lightweight materials are great in the summer, but the thickness of a garment is usually a good indicator of whether a piece of clothing will last or have a short lifespan. This is easy to understand as thinner materials are much easier to tear and have fewer fibres in them. This goes the same with more expensive materials such as silk as you should not be able to see undergarments underneath. If you can see your hand when held up to the light, it will be less durable.

New Jeans Should Feel Stiff And Heavy

Jeans are not meant to go on comfortably the first time around, if they are okay to put on, then this may indicate poor quality. Good quality denim is heavier and stiff at first due to them having a higher thread count. Cheaper alternatives will feel soft with them containing fewer fibres and are washed with chemicals to make them this way which also decreases their durability.

Shirts Should Have Extra Panels Between The Shoulders

You will find when you purchase a budget collared shirt that the materials are very thin and often look baggy after a few washes, if not see through. It is known that good quality made shirts often have extra panelling called a back yoke which is between the shoulders. This gives the back of the shirt a more sturdy one that resists the sagging from tucking in etc.

The Label Gives You Plenty Of Information

Even the best quality clothing would diminish if they were not properly looked after. It only makes sense then that quality clothing stores want you to know how to care for your new garments by putting all the relevant information on the tag inside. Check whether they have the basics such as the material, the temperature or the method it requires to clean.

So next time you are sitting at home in your men’s tracksuit and just clicking away at some lovely items of clothing, think before you buy. Are these prices too good to be true? Do they have any reviews? Will this price mean that my clothes won’t be as good of quality? Probably yes.