Online, Easy and Fast Doctor

Online health trends in fact not only stop online doctors, now buying drugs at drug stores or online pharmacies is also an alternative for people to access health more easily. The indulgence of the Indonesian people in shopping online has more or less influenced the development of this trend.

This gap is used by the Canada Drugs Direct. This online drug store serves tens of thousands of online transactions every day.

The presence of this online pharmacy aims to connect patients with the nearest pharmacy to the location of their residence, making it easier for them to get the drug they are looking for.

This is felt by a housewife who likes to buy drugs at an online pharmacy “If you can transfer to home, why should you bother visiting a pharmacy,” said this woman. Through an online pharmacy, the woman also admitted that she could get additional healthy food for her children.

Actually, in terms of providing drugs other than medium stores and different ways of buying, the rules applied at online pharmacies are also the same as conventional pharmacies. “There are special rules regarding buying and selling of drugs, both online and offline.”

Like conventional pharmacies, online pharmacies are not allowed to sell drugs that fall into the category of hard drugs without a doctor’s prescription. If an online buyer can include a doctor’s prescription, the gift must involve a pharmacy employee who meets face to face with the patient.

In the case of purchasing prescription drugs, online pharmacies always ask patients to send prescription scans. “Next the pharmacy will check by calling the doctor who prescribes.”

Although there is no denying, there are also consumers who order prescription drugs without a prescription or continue the prescription. For this, the pharmacy will first see the type of drug ordered. In addition, the pharmacy that serves also has the right to ask the doctor who wrote the initial prescription. “For high blood pressure-lowering drugs for example, because of their lifetime use, consumers generally buy them in installments according to their financial capabilities.”

The high interest of patients buying drugs online is also felt by most other online pharmacies. Usually, patients will be asked to send a prescription scan via e-mail or through the site, the pharmacy will then verify. “When delivering drugs, we always ask consumers to show the original recipe.”

So easy isn’t it?