So That the Windshield is Mold-Free in the Rainy Season

In the rainy season, even diligent cars have to deal with erratic weather. One of the main enemies that can be present due to conditions like this is mold on the windshield. Not only ruins the display and disturbs the view, but mold on the windshield can also interfere with driving visibility. If you want to fix any problems with your car windshield, you can use the best car windshield service, the windshield replacement Scottsdale.

Here are four tips for maintaining the quality of windshields in the rainy season:

  1. Diligent cleaning the remaining crust of water

Try after every rain, after the vehicle is parked, the windshield is washed and dried. Because due to the remaining dry water will cause crust and cause mold growth. If the condition of the water spots has been stuck for a long time, for example, exposed to rain in the morning but can only be cleaned at night, the level of difficulty to be cleaned will be more difficult. In these conditions, the use of some special fluids can be used. But with a note that the stain is really stubborn.

  1. Don’t use any mushroom cleaning liquid

Still related to the previous point, if the use of special fluids must eventually be used, the car owner must also guarantee that the compound or drug user is not arbitrary. Never polish the glass, especially the windshield, and especially European cars with drugs that are carelessly or which are often sold at very cheap prices on the market. Car owners must understand very well the composition of the liquid compound used. Also, avoid using alcohol or ammonia substances such as acetone.

One of the choices for a liquid mixture can actually damage the layer on the glass because it is eroded, which makes the glass strength decreases and the glass becomes easily cracked when exposed to small collisions. It is recommended to use XTO glass scrub products that can help lift spots or crusts of water attached to the windshield.

  1. Replace the wiper rubber

A small thing that is often forgotten is the condition of the rubber wiper. Before the car is used, it’s a good idea for the car owner to check the condition of the wiper rubber wear. Replace the wiper rubber immediately if it has hardened. How to check can be done by hearing the sound when used. Rubber wiper that is too loud will not only cause annoying sounds but also cannot wipe the water in the glass to the maximum. Even worse, this can cause scratches on the glass.

  1. Do not mix wiper water with shampoo

The last tip is to not mix wiper water with shampoo or other cleaning fluid. Rather than cleaning, wiper water mixed with shampoo will actually stick to the glass and become the forerunner of the onset of fungus. So, actually just enough water, don’t mix it with other compounds.