Top 5 the most expensive jewelry in the world and their story

While some of us are less interested in the carat number of jewelry we wear and more concerned with the emotional value, impact, and memories that each diamond glitter hides, there are people who would give anything or rather no matter what. for the most precious stone. Or they are simply lucky to receive them as a gift, for the simple fact that they are beautiful and famous, but above all, loved ones.

What is the most expensive jewelry? Who wears them and on what occasions? How did they come into their possession? These are just some of the questions that many people have been asking lately and to which we will find the answer in this article with the help of the information provided by reviews about luxury fashion brands.

Ideas are very divided and opinions are controversial. Each extremely valuable and famous piece of jewelry tends to be given the title of the most expensive. But, with the greatest objectivity I can show when it comes to jewelry, below is the list of the 5 most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world:

  • Perfect Pink Diamond
  • Heart of The Ocean
  • The Hope Diamond
  • Peacock Brooch
  • Oppenheimer Blue

1.  Perfect Pink Diamond

According to experts and opinions from BritainReviews, only 10{440636d028bcc321b2d623e6f312654dba9d233b56d117b359d582d7505a351f} of pink diamonds weigh over 0.2 carats. At the same time, it is very unlikely that a pink diamond will have pure color, without additional shades of gray or orange. That’s why it’s not hard to explain why a Christie auctioneer was willing to pay no less than $ 23 million in 2010 for a 14.23-carat diamond, known as the most perfect. and pure pink diamond.

Perfect Pink Diamond thus holds the record for the most expensive jewelry ever sold at an auction in Asia.

2.  Heart of the Ocean

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t cried on the Titanic, or who hasn’t believed in the story of the incredible jewel on the ocean floor. Well, until recently, Heart of the Ocean was just a snippet of the amazing storyline, a fictional gem made of zirconium and white gold.

In the story, the diamond was originally owned by Louis XVI, after which it was cut into a heart shape after the French Revolution. According to the script, the diamond was last purchased a week before boarding the Titanic. The most impressive appearance of the jewelry was in 1998, when Celine Dion had the honor of wearing it at the Academy Awards, thus becoming one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry ever worn on the red carpet.

3.  The Hope Diamond – $ 250 million

This work of art is the most expensive jewel in the world and probably the most famous. It is a piece that has as its main stone a blue diamond of 45.52 ct.

And this wonderful jewel, like each of the jewels in this top, comes with a story, more precisely with a legend. The special jewel is said to bring bad luck and curses, but these aspects have failed to make the piece less famous than it is. The legend may have started from the luminescence considered strange in a diamond. Its traces of boron leave the stone shining in an amazing shade of red even when the jewelry is not exposed to light.

4.  Peacock Brooch – $ 100 million

The second of the most expensive jewelry in the world is a wonderful brooch that first appeared in 2013 at the TEFAF art fair in the Netherlands. The peacock-shaped brooch contains a total of 120.81 ct. and over 1,300 white, yellow, blue, and orange diamond stones. The central diamond, dark blue, is very rare and has 20.02 ct.

The owner and location of this brooch are not made public at this time.

5.  Oppenheimer Blue – $ 57.5 million

This jewel was named after Phillip Oppenheimer and has 14.62 ct. bright blue. This diamond, like the Pink Star, has been listed by the American Institute of Gemology as the largest bright blue diamond in the world.

And this diamond has a mysterious story, it was found in a mine in South Africa, somewhere in the middle of the twentieth century, but more details are not known because the mining company has closed its archive, no longer being accessible. What is known about this diamond is that it arrived in the Oppenheimer family after Phillip Oppenheimer gave this jewel to his wife, but no details are known such as where the jewel was bought from and at what price.