What you should know about the evolution of fashion in Finland teens

Finland has one of the most historic and equally interesting teen fashion evolutions around the world today. In modern times, teens visit online stores to purchase several new fashion pieces and accessories for themselves; that is of course, after visiting online review sites like suomiarvostelut where they ascertain the quality of the item they intend to buy and the trustworthiness of the brand, by reading posted reviews by other persons who have previously bought the item and shopped with the brand.

The modern fashion we see amongst teens in Finland originated back in the heyday of finished design and architecture back in the 1950s. But currently, Finland is regarded as one of the futures of the fashion industry, winning material innovations, experiencing a very rare development, and breeding award-winning young designers. In the 1970s and 80s when Finland’s clothing industry thrived tremendously, Finnish designers were known for their cold season creation which was prominent amongst their young teenagers. In recent times, while teenagers still shop for cold season clothing in local stores right there in Finland, some others go online shop for brands like Timarco.

In the early 1990s, fashion in Finland faltered solely because of the fashion industry’s collapse in trade with the eastern world. And this was what made young designers who were unable to find jobs to create their own fashion company. A major example of this is Ivana Helsinki which was founded by Pirjo Sunonen and Paola in the year 1998. Some others include Tuomas and Anna Laitinen, Anna Ruohonen, and Samu-Jussi Koski.

Back when the Fashion houses in Finland were just starting; before the huge collaboration with several intentional clothing brands, fashion amongst the teens in the country still had the old Scandinavian identity or trademark. But in recent times, there has been a drastic change in fashion among teens. While the Scandinavian trademark is still a mainstay in their clothing choices, although quite subtly, teens now dress somewhat similar to the ‘American’ fashion style.

An average teen in Finland wears a Sweden like minimalistic style, and black is always their go-to color, no matter the time or season of the year. There is also the combination of classic Helsinki black, a minimal Scandinavian style that also goes well while they are in their city.

In Finland, the fashion amongst teens is solely affected by the season in the country. While this wasn’t exactly so 20-25 years ago, it certainly is now. During springtime, teens in Finland go for clothing fashion items like long sleeves which is usually not transitional Finnish wear, they also go for hats. Hats in Finland have become a recent trendy use amongst teens just like it once was about 30 years ago when these hats were made by the most local means available.

Cabin socks are also another main fashion item which is now common; in times past, teens preferred to wear long boots which covered past their ankle and on the contrary, teens now prefer to wear trademark sneakers from the likes of Adidas, Nike, and more. The females are now more inclined to wear tank tops, blouses, or bottoms beneath those layers for when it gets warm. All of which is evidence of American and French teen fashion style influence.

During winter, the fashion style of teens in Finland is more dated. Teens wear the nomadic like coats just like some of their ancestors did way back, due to the temperature in the country at this time, there isn’t much to say about their dressing as they are always covered.

In conclusion, in the past few years, Finland has experienced great growth in the fashion industry as some of their homegrown designers and teen clothing brands have been celebrated by powerhouse media study as; New York Times, and Vogue Italy. There are some of the major factors influencing fashion change among teens in the country.