Want Makeup Inspiration For Your Amber Eyes?

Beautiful amber eyes, also known as ‘wolf eyes’ are not common and pretty beautiful. They are characterised by a vivid golden-yellow colour which is as a result of yellowish pigment which is deposited in the iris and also insufficient melanin. Some women with amber eyes have russet or copper overtones as well.

Differently from the hazel eyes which are characterised by flecks of brown and green, the wolf eyes have a solid shade and are very rare. Similarly, makeup that matches amber eyes is hard to choose.  To reveal that colour and pop the eyes, there are specific hues that are recommended. The natural amber shade is very rare. Sometimes, pale brown eyes, with tints of green are confused with the wolf eyes.

  1. Plums And Purples Can Be Your Best Friend In 2019

Plum and purple hues look beautiful on amber eyes. Since they exist in the other world of the colour spectrum, these colours are able to complement this unique and rare eye colour. Red-toned burgundy purple, brilliant eggplant purple and violet purple highlight golden tint in the amber eyes and pop up the eyes beautifully.

Plum and purple –coloured eyes are ideal for a late night out. And if you want a neutral daytime appearance, employ glittery pinkish-purple eyeshadow on the lids and pair it with eggplant purple eyeshadow on the eye crease.

  1. Copper And Bronze Eyeshadows.

Reveal your green tints in your beautiful amber eyes by accentuating them with deep copper, gold and bronze eyeshadow. Rather than opting for black Smokey eyes that cab appears very stark on your eyes, try metallic or Smokey bronze eye look.

Use glittery light brown eyeshadow as a layer on the lids. Utilise darker brown in the eye creases and the corners.

  1. Choose Earthy Greens And Gray.

Earthy greens matched well with gold and bronze looking amazing on amber eyes. For the make-up with green colour, use golden cream as the background. Apply green shadow on the lids. Utilise lightener on the corners. You can also prolong the shadow upwards with copper shade and then darken the crease with the dark copper.

A grey-brown eyeshadow or dark taupe will appear fabulous on these eyes. Match them with burgundy-dark browns to come up with a smouldering look.

  1. Best Eyeliner Hues.

To get depth to your eyes and give them definition, use an eyeliner. Rather than using bold hue such as black, opt to use dark brown eyeliner to get a more natural look.

For a polished look, use navy blue, dark forest green or deep purple pencil to line the eyes. You can use the eyeliner on its own or after creating a dramatic effect with an eye shadow.

  1. Best Mascara Shades.

Though eyeliners and eyeshadows work correctly for amber eyes, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of mascara. It not only pops your eyes but also amps your lashes.