5 Proven Ways to Pay Safely Online

It’s agreeable that technology has taken a new turn in E-commerce. It has reduced the stress of going grocery shopping, cloth shopping, and many other things. From the comfort of your home, you can buy goods worth more than a thousand dollars and have them delivered to you right at your home.

Nevertheless, cybercrime is one negative thing that has hindered some people from enjoying this privilege. Each time a transaction is made, there’s a tiny chance of your account being tampered with, and while there are other gradients that could arise from online payment, Collected.Reviews has gathered different finance options for you that would help you save, send and invest your money.

These acts cannot be avoided but with financial advisers’ reviews, you are less likely to be a victim of such.

Five proven ways to pay safely online are:

1.  Payment Apps:

Apps like PayPal, Google Pay, Payoneer, and the likes are third party payment service methods that have increased the security of online payment. These apps don’t have card numbers, instead, they generate virtual account names for every transaction carried out. The apps don’t share any private information with other parties except the users’ app email address and as part of their security, they have multi-factor authentication, facial and finger recognition, and notifications.

2.  Credit Cards:

Credit cards are till now considered one of the secure ways of paying online because of the secured encryption that keeps the account and user’s personal information safe. When paying with credit cards, the money is not usually deducted from your bank immediately instead it is deducted from your card issuer.

3.  ACH Payment:

Automated Cleaning House (ACH) is another way to pay online safely by transferring funds from your account to another account. The ACH has a rigid security system and it also eliminates paper checks and reduces the risk of fraud. Asides from the security, it is convenient, reduces human errors, saves time, and requires only a small cost to operate.

4.  Wire Transfer:

A wire transfer allows people to transfer money from one bank to another. It operates both locally and internationally with banks, Credit Union acting as money transfer providers during the transactions. After sending the money to the designated account, it can then be shared with the seller. Wire transfer is reliable because of its high level of security and speed.

5.  Debit Cards:

Unlike credit cards, paying with a debit card means the fund is deducted directly from your account and it offers zero liability protection. When making a payment with a debit card, the use of a pin is often required as a verification process, and some time a One Time Password (OTP) is sent for further confirmation. It has numerous layers of security, the EMV chip which provides extra security when making any type of transaction.

As it can be seen, e-commerce is not something that can be stopped, but it is only important that in order to avoid losing money, you have to be cautious of the payment method (s) you’re using.