Here are some safety tips to consider while riding a Bicycle

Whether you are a new or experienced cyclist, safety is a core aspect of the physical activity. It helps in knowing the challenges while cycling and ways of staying safe. Also, the condition of the bicycle will play a critical role in keeping you safe. You can consider upgrading the parts by switching to Enduro bearings; they can ensure bicycle efficiency and comfort while cycling. Having the right parts helps the bike adaptable to different kinds of the outdoor environment.

The Stats

In recent years, studies show an increase in the number of fatalities from bicycle accidents. However, it is possible to reduce the risk of death or injuries by taking the necessary steps to stay safe. Below are some safety tips to consider when cycling the outdoors;

Assess the Bicycle’s condition before Riding

Malfunctioning bicycle parts put a cyclist in danger. Most accidents are a result of bicycles being in bad conditions than distractions that a rider may face while on the road. So, before you take your bike out for a spin, it is essential to check if it is in the right condition.

It is essential to check out the tires for the right amount of air in it. Ensure that the lights, reflectors, and horn are working. They are essential in keeping yourself and other road users safe. You can check the gear functions and have protective clothes when cycling outdoors.

Always wear a Helmet and Reflective Apparel

The authorities recommend for cyclists to wear helmets whenever riding. Although it may not be incorporated in the legislation, the practice will significantly reduce your chances of head injuries that could be fatal. While cycling, it is vital to make yourself visible to other motorists. Reflective cycling apparel helps other people see you from afar.

Follow the Rules

While on the road, it is crucial to observe the traffic rules. It is easy to learn the regulations in your locality by searching for traffic rules for motorists. Ensure you learn signs that cyclists use while on the road to communicate with other motorists.


Whenever riding on highways, it helps to concentrate and stay focused. Distractions to cyclists are one of the most common reasons for accidents on major highways. Since cycling is a form of mental and physical therapy, you need to stay away from distractions while at it.

Avoid having the earphones on as it will limit to from hearing what is happening around you. Ensure you keep your hand on the bicycle even if you possess great balancing skills.

Know the behavior of other motorists

It is common for drivers to follow the traffic flow and it is essential to do so as a cyclist. You may expose yourself to danger if you do not read the behavior of other motorists. Being aware of what is happening around you helps in keeping you safe and averts accidents.


In most cities, there are specific lanes for bicycles. Riding on the designated roads will increase your safety on the road.