Makita Site Radio: create a comfortable working environment!

Do you want to add a positive mood to your work routine? Do you often go out to the countryside to have some rest with a friendly company? Take your construction makita radio with you. It differs from household ones in increased shock resistance and performance. With it, you will always be with good music and updated with the latest news. But first things first.

Makita Dab Radio for Labor and Leisure

The main purpose of these devices is to create a comfortable working environment. In addition, it can be used as a charger for a variety of tools. Such a receiver will be reasonable in the countryside or during outdoor recreation.

Makita Site Radio


The makita radio dab lineup is small due to its versatility, but its common characteristics can be distinguished:

● supports both FM and AM frequencies

● digital device path with automatic and manual station search and memory settings

● backlit color display, electronic clock, and alarm

● the sound is in mono or stereo mode and no hiss due to digital signal processing

● the volume of the sound is provided by powerful speakers

● the ability to work from batteries of different modifications and with different voltage

● possibility of power supply from the network

Purchasing a Device

The Makita site radio catalog contains up-to-date models. When buying online, it is convenient to get acquainted with the characteristics and prices of the goods as well as with the latest promotions. You can contact a consultant for detailed information.

Advantages of Makita Dab Bluetooth Radio

● specific design, which to some extent resembles military equipment

● the console is made of shock-resistant plastic and even has protection against dust and humidity

● foldable handle is available for carrying

● an antenna, which can also be folded up and stored in the battery compartment, is very useful in poor reception conditions.

So, this device with reinforced speakers and a corresponding shockproof case is good both for working conditions and for outdoor recreation, summer cottage, on a river, and in a forest.