Stylish and Sexy Pixie Cuts for You

Have you ever worn asymmetrical pixie cuts? If not, you are missing a lot of fun. Though styling an asymmetrical pixie cut is not as straightforward as styling other hairstyles, once styled correctly, the cut transforms your looks entirely.

It takes some time and also the courage to create an asymmetrical pixie cut. There are many ways you can style it depending on your preferences. Styling pixie cuts require strict adherence to rules which sometimes can be boring. This is the reason why we decided to highlight these asymmetrical pixie cuts options for you to consider.

  1. Textured and Asymmetrical.

Pixie cuts appear beautiful on manes with great volume and texture. This look can be accomplished in various ways. The most straightforward way is by use of curling iron to curl several tresses. However, don’t overdo it and curl all the hair. Remember the aim is to get a messy haircut.

  1. Messy and Shinny.

If you are planning to get a pixie cut, but your hair is damaged, things may not turn positive for you. However, this cut is the best to style your damaged hair. Simply apply some oils to give your hair some life.

  1. Sleek with Shaved Sides.

This asymmetrical pixie cut is the talk of the town right now. Ladies with their hair on the side shaved can take advantage of this textured haircut since it appears more feminine. No reason to worry, the cut will give you that unconventional and rebellious look you want.

  1. Very Wavy.

For ladies who like hairstyles with extreme volume and texture, the asymmetrical pixie cut is an ideal choice for them. The more prominent you make your curls, the more volume and texture you get. If you want to further oomph the drama to this haircut, tell your stylist to part the hair at the centre. This parting will make your hair unique from the rest of curly hairstyles.

  1. Perfectly Styled.

When it comes to pixie cuts, many women get the whole ideal wrong by styling very messy overall haircuts. Though for some women that can be nice, it denies them an opportunity of creating an asymmetrical pixie cut. By keeping the hair straight and flawlessly styled, the asymmetry is more pronounced and therefore visible, which is precisely what you want to achieve.

Highlights are a great way to come up with a signature haircut that is ready to turn heads. You can create a textured and asymmetrical pixie cut, which appears great. However, when you add highlights on the mixture, the results are ridiculous fascinating.

  1. Beautiful Curls.

You can style your medium curly hair in a beautiful asymmetrical pixie cut. This is a pretty stylish and classic look motivated by modern celebrity trends. It is ideal for millennials who like following industry trends. Pixie haircuts are superb since they can change your entire look from regular to cute and chic.