Tips for Choosing Generic Medicines, Low Prices but Not Cheap Quality

Generic drugs are identical to the cheap price. The reason is that pharmaceutical companies do not need to spend a large amount of money on drug clinical trials as they would if they were to produce patent drugs.

Some Pharmacists also guarantee that the quality of generic drugs is undoubtedly given that the active compounds contained in generic drugs are the same as patent drugs.

The type of active compound used is the same as generic branded drugs or patent drugs. And if it is already registered with the Ministry of Health, it certainly fulfills a Good Way to Make Medicines and the quality is definitely the same as that of generic or branded patents. In this case, you can order the drugs at the Canadian Pharmacy which a licensed Pharmacy that is accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

On the same occasion, a director of a pharmacy gave several tips to make people more ‘ CAREFULLY’ in getting quality generic drugs:

  1. First, choose a generic drug that is “Clearly the Factory”, where it is necessary to ensure that the product is produced from a certified, experienced, and trusted pharmaceutical factory.
  2. Then, “Effective Efficacy” namely the quality of generic drugs equivalent to patent drugs. Then “See the packaging”, which is to make sure the drug is in a well-packed condition and complete information.
  3. And finally, “Remember!” that is, buying drugs must be in an official place to ensure the quality and protection of counterfeit drugs.

Although generic drugs have a lower selling price than branded drugs, generic drug manufacturers must still provide the content, effectiveness, safety, and quality that are equivalent to branded drugs.

For this reason, producers must always follow the same quality standards from product research and development, the supply of raw materials to the production process to produce quality products.