Top 4 Streetwear Brands You Should Know About This Summer

Streetwear has lately become a global phenomenon given the fact that many are the brands (even luxury ones) that recently launched their own streetwear collection or just some pieces in order to step into the market in a more competitive way. Let’s start off by saying that the market, right now, it’s a bit oversaturated with brands that are trying to be the next “Supreme” or trying to copy Virgil Abloh’s eccentric approach. When it comes to men’s printed t-shirts, in particular, it’s kinda hard to pick some brands instead of some others, but, hopefully, this will help you decide which one fits your needs best.


Virgil Abloh‘s very own brand is naturally the first one in this list. Renowned for being Kanye West’s previous creative director and artistic influencer, Abloh is an entrepreneur and a designer that currently sits on the fashion throne, especially if we’re talking about streetwear clothing. Being Louis Vuitton’s current Creative Director, it’s almost automatic the fact that his presence in the fashion business is not just limited to a niche audience, but also looking forward to meeting other clients’ expectations.

Anti Social Social Club

ASSC is a brand that bet on a couple of pieces in the past, rapidly gaining a solid brand image either online and at fashion shows. While last year their infamous flannel shirt was dominating as probably the most worn piece within the streetwear realm, this year’s collaborations are pushing the brand’s boundaries (the one with BAPE, in particular) to an ever increasing audience that is leading Anti Social Social Club to the next level.

Jameson Carter

As said above, the market is a bit oversaturated, especially when it comes to mens printed t shirts. These pieces are probably the most sold item when it comes to streetwear clothing and UK’s very own brand Jameson Carter, of course, stepped into the game.

With their sober design and great materials, JC is highly competitive in the market, giving their clients a taste of the UK’s streetwear clothing trend.

Heron Preston

Following OFF-White’s original concept of having flashy but at the same time polite pieces that would have been able to create interest in a mainstream audience, Heron Preston stepped into the streetwear game by creating a line that is the exact definition of “hypebeast material”. To better understand this concept, here you can find everything about the biggest millennial-related fashion movement.