What is DevOps?

In an era where almost all companies have products in the form of applications like today, all companies and big startups are competing to implement the DevOps culture to win their competition with competitors.

How can be like that? What exactly is DevOps? Then why is the role of DevOps so important right now?

Changes in Application Development Trends

Configuration management tools for an application now are very different from before. The previous system was the Waterfall system. Where making the application is only done once and then finished and left. Only one direction, from top to bottom like a waterfall.

It turns out that now the key to winning competition in the industry is to get as fast and as much feedback as possible from customers related to applications that have been made.

The feedback is then directly used as input to fix the deficiencies and release new features as soon as possible.

After it is released, it must immediately get feedback again, and it must be fixed immediately and released again. Continue like that. The process must really iterate, repeatedly.

Just look at how Instagram released the IG Story feature so quickly that it soon became a boom among young people and even parents today.

The company is very quickly able to launch new features and fix their system flaws without disrupting the stability of the applications that are running.

And did you know what to do all these things, there is only ONE key? Namely the role of DevOps.

A DevOps is able to accelerate the process of developing an application significantly. DevOps is what plays an important role to help Developers/Programmers to be able to freely launch the code they write quickly without disrupting the stability of existing applications.

Proverbial DevOps is able to create a safe and comfortable environment so that Developers are free to play and be creative with their scripts.

At a glance, it seems trivial, but in fact, the DevOps profession has a very important role in the advancement of a company.